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Thank You, Joe!

About a month ago, I had an unfortunate breakdown in Superior Twp. and called Hadley’s at the recommendation of Hal’s Auto. The dispatcher let me know it would be an hour before his driver would be there as it was rush hour and coming all the way from Farmington, it was expected. When the truck showed up, the driver Joe was very pleasant and had my truck on the back of his rig in a matter of minutes.

Joe was very pleasant, he took every precaution to not cause any damage to my truck and took extra care to insure it was secured properly to the rig. The ride back to Hal’s with Joe was actually fun as Joe has a very friendly personality. All I could think about was making arrangements to be without my truck, cost of the repairs, etc., but Joe and I talked about everything but my troubles. He is a very engaging person and it was a fun ride back. THANK YOU JOE!!

Jeff Lucas
January 13, 2016

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